how do you control your pain u also get sciatica u have suggestions???

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  • queerspoons


    Using yoga rolls/circles helps with my sciatica sometimes. I do a lot of stretching to try and minimize what pain I can.

  • Sexycop


    I stretch, yoga helps so much. Ice and heat like an injury in the places that hurt the most. Rest and regular exercise are important.

    • McNeil


      I’m in so much pain the ice freezes me I can not move I have to use heat pads ..myOsteoarthritis in my knees was so bad this winter I couldn’t walk . The weather being so cold I could barely move it was bad and I was in bed I couldn’t get shots until March I was in so much pain I just barely survived through the winter It had never been this bad of pain before. The dr thought I had fractured my knee but it was the osteoarthritis that bad in my left knee .

      • Sexycop


        omg! That is terrible!! I too have osteoarthritis and RA but I live in SW Florida. I cannot even try to think of ever living up north! I hope things are better as you thaw.

  • Shannon68


    I've had fibro since 1990, and chronic reoccurring sciatica for the past 4+ years. Have had stetoid injections in my spine and an EMG test to look at nerve function. About to begb my 4th round of physical therapy. At least this time we are aware that I have bulging doscs in lubar spine.

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