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Just was diagnosed with ADHD and taking methylphenidate 18mg er. I have always had issues with biting my nails and will tweeze hair. The first week I had a little bit of a stomach ache that has now stopped. Less talkative and feel like I drink a lot less coffee. I have always had weight issues and the thing is I feel like I sleep so much better ,but crave sugar constantly now and worry I will put on weight. Have always had trouble with it ,but wonder if it is normal or if anyone has dealt with the same issues. I wonder if my dose is just not high enough ,but feel as if my memory has gotten a lot better since taking it if that makes any sense.

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      I am on 20 mg adderall xr and my appetite actually dropped pretty severely for the first 3-4 weeks. If you're really craving sugar, that sounds like your body craving a stimulant, so you very well could be underdiagnosed. I know I definitely used sugar as a stimulant before I was properly medicated. Really glad to hear you're having all these other good side effects though, I've definitely had some of the benefits you're talking about. If you do end up getting *over* a good dosage, you'll get what's called "zombie brain" where you'll start to feel fuzzy and disconnected again, so keep an eye out for that if your dosage does increase. Definitely worth talking to your doctor about though. Best of luck!

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