I swear ADHD and fibromyalgia is wicked combo to deal with. I am in constant pain and yet my mind wants me to be active.

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  • Jazzie1


    Exactly! I’m at my happiest when I’m in action… and fibro requires a lot of inaction :/

    • Wraith679


      right, I am totally a type A personality. I need to keep busy, but my body does not want to move :(

  • DezPossum


    THIS! exactly this 😔

  • Goodvibez


    Oh my god THIS!! I feel so seen

  • Ash.G


    I feel you on this. But I was not diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But I am constantly in pain or have barely any feeling in some joints.

  • jenniann



  • sapphic


    Couldn’t agree more!! It sucks

  • ZappyRacc


    MOOD. I've got fibro and most likely hEDS. I've also got ADHD and hypervigilance from C-PTSD. By their powers combined, my knees are falling apart with Baker's cysts and other signs of arthritis, cause sitting still makes me so uncomfortable that I spend most of my time on my feet.

  • catdad22


    What a moooood

  • lollygage


    Yeah I’ve been listening to this My Body is a Cage song on repeat because that’s how I feel https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LkyHvoX_9GU

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