So I am new here (today). I suffer from anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia. I am a HUGE animal lover. I have a small dog and my other dog died a few months ago from a seizure. I have been wanting to get another small dog but haven't found any yet. So I found a cute cuddly rabbit today which I have wanted a rabbit for quite some time. But my husband has said before, absolutely no inside rabbits. Well I went and got the bunny without him knowing. Now he is super upset. I felt like it was something that would help me. Bring some cheer to my life. Am I wrong for going behind his back to get something I so wanted?

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  • MaxIsWack2


    It isn't wrong if you think it could help your mental health. It is really important to communicate that and try to come up with a compromise that suits you both.

  • LadyBlkny


    In my case, my husband and I have to work together and be honest with each other in order to support each other and our issues. (I've got fibro, migraines, anxiety, depression, he has bipolar, ptsd, thyroid issues). When one of us does something behind the others' back, it makes it hard to want to help them, because you don't feel you can trust them. If you truly feel something will help you feel better, and he disagrees, try to find something you can agree on, or discuss how you can make it acceptable to him. Like try to set up the hutch outside?

  • StarBright


    Omg I know exactly how you feel. My bf is anti cat, but I take care of the strays that come around and have tamed two of the kittens from last spring. His work schedule is such that I can have the boys all day until 11 pm, it's great. If you can take care of the bunny on your own I don't think his opinion matters much in that case. Enjoy that 🐇. If you need his help paying for its care ( which I also understand) then just try and talk him in to it slowly. Unfortunately all women know how to "talk" to our "men".. Animals are amazing helpers for us who are mentally suffering, he married you so he had to see this coming one way or another lol.

    • Koala87


      He shouldn't been to shocked but he is and is very upset. I got the bunny for free and it's stuff. I do need some bedding but that is it. It's not about money. It's cause he says they stink and do nothing but poop and pee :p But this bunny cuddles, which helps calm me. He knows I have issues and maybe he's not understanding the help it will give me...maybe I need to explain all that :)

  • kingseijuro


    I get being upset at you, but also, you should never stop someone from don't what they want with your life. I hope the bunny helps!!❤️ I am a herpetologist in training and, needless to say, my reptiles basically saved my life. it's well worth the conflict, I promise you!

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