Had gotten a pet bunny in high school- before I had major concussions and a TBI- that is to say when I was still healthy/functioning. After my TBI time has frozen for me- my ability/inability to do normal things others my age do regularly- while time has frozen me it continues to move around me. Last night my bunny passed away- being the last thing I really felt like I had as a piece of the real me- the me who wasn’t limited to only being able to do so much in a day- the me that was able to be a human I guess. While I’m sad about her passing- it is just hard for me to acknowledge that that last piece of my life “before” everything changed is now gone too.. does this make sense to any of y’all?

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  • myreptileskeepmesane


    Absolutely, I had to be away from all my pets for months after my injury, including like 3 weeks of no power after a hurricane. I had to rely on family members sporadically caring for them and luckily they survived. Id have been devastated if any of them passed, especially my turtle whom I've had since I was 8-10. Since I've been home, caring for all my reptiles, fish, etc have given me something to motivate me and keep my busy, which is really good because we have to idea when I'll be able to work again

    • Y0g1


      I’m so sorry you had to be away from them- grateful you had people to take care of them and am glad you are back with them now. Thanks for responding to my post. I haven’t really felt the same since the bunny passed… I have my dog but didn’t get her until after my first tbi… it’s just different. Hard for me to be downstairs when I’m home because that’s where the bunny lived..

  • myreptileskeepmesane


    Yeah I could imagine how hard that must ve

  • J_Stokes


    I am sorry for your loss. This makes complete sense as I too am struggling with post concussion syndrome and TBI. I try to see it as my old self falling away to bring forth a new self. Do we know who that will be? No….so for now recovery and rest are so important. Remember, slow progress is progress! And you are loved as you presently are!

  • TexAss


    I hope with time you are feeling a little better. Changes in life and routine are hard to cope with after a TBI, finding new enjoyable distractions can help in the healing process. The new activity helps keep the memory alive of what you miss, because that's when you started it. My TBI happened when I was 3 years old, so knowing the "before me" has been more mourning of who I could have been had I done things differently, my entire life. Most people I have found with TBI are either from injury caused by accident or an attack from others. Mine is from an incident I caused myself, making my family the victim of my actions with them having to provide an extra level of care for me over the years. If there's an argument that there's an age "too young to talk about suicide with", I would be an example that ages 2 and 3 are not to young as my actions might have been prevented had I known more sides of reality than God and heaven was at the end of death. People have been looking at me more like I tried to jump to my death for the attention or the assistance, it's so hard to talk about. They have zero ways to empathize. 3 year old me is forever to blame and people will use that against me over and over if I'm not more careful. I've been quiet for so long about everything, the only logical thing to make things better now is to be more publicly open about it. I have 35 years experience in recovery and coping with TBI. Feel free to ask me any questions.

    • TexAss


      I hate that this won't let me edit my comment. With a TBI, English has been very difficult but science and healthcare has helped me a lot along the way. Psychology has always been an interest of mine as well, another coping mechanism I suppose as a shortcut to getting therapy from others. My last sentence, I'd like to edit to be seen as a more positive note. "You are free to ask me any questions."

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