hi, recently ive been thinking about taking medication for depression, what is your perspective on antidepressants?


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  • watermelonspacepluto


    Personally I have a love and hate relationship with it lol. Sometimes I hate taking it but it’s been really nice especially because it takes all the bad thoughts I have away.

  • Sticks


    I would say it depends on how you are and feel , my sibling takes them but they have no affect but l know people who take them and they work great , also you should be mindful of the affects they can have on you and realize that it's a temporary choice

  • Asta


    I just started taking medication for my depression and I will say I feel more in control of my thoughts and it helps keep all my dark thoughts away which I love.

  • mamwng


    I didn't like it at first bc it felt like it was changing "who I am", but now I realize how abd I was/am without it. Now I don't know if I can actually live an enjoyable life without them though

  • bomb


    sometimes i wonder if mine work or not

  • chloerae


    If you are interested in looking at antidepressants, I would highly recommend getting something called Genesight done. It was the only way I was able to find the medication I am on now that has actually helped me. There can be a long trial and error process and that, for me, ended a long process and provided relief

  • Sleepysleeps


    It was terrible and gave me a slow metabolism and anger problems (even months after stopping)

  • cecilyella


    The worst thing about medicine is that they all work differently for different people. But, for me, it helps stabilize my severe ups and downs. While it doesn’t make me the happiest person alive (wouldn’t that be nice), I feel more grounded and in control of my emotions. I still have good days and bad, but the medicine helps keep them from getting to any extremes so that I can still function. Granted, my depression is particularly severe and if I miss a dose, I’ll experience an epic low that results in me having a particularly intense breakdown (screaming, crying, impulsive actions). I am looking into changing medications but generally for me the pros outweigh the cons.

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