I’m so stressed and dating so so hard I can’t even talk to a guy like I’m so weird it’s embarrassing like I feel like a lil kid and I’m a woman Im so awkward and I wish words would come out right and I wish I was a stronger woman like I had that attitude and just power I see I’m other girls and it hurts me a lot especially since ima single mom with no parents and I’m 22 I never dated anyone but my baby’s father and he put so much in my head I don’t feel good enough for anyone I feel like I only know bad

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Auracentauri


    Hey , I understand. I’m really awkward too and sometimes I don’t even want to talk to people because I assume they’re waiting for the conversation to end, even when they’re really trying to get to know me. Here’s what I’ve learned as a former agoraphobic turned social-ish person - you’ve got to find your tribe. This includes guys. Guys who feel the same way, or who are super open minded and don’t read awkwardness wrong. The man who put things in your head is just a man, just another person on the planet with opinions and insecurities and flaws. He isn’t more important than you, he doesn’t define you and he doesn’t get to decide your value because he’s just one guy out of millions. The people who are “awkward” or “quiet” are often the truest friends and BEST BOYFRIENDS because they have empathy for how you feel, and if you talk to guys who are genuinely caring I think you’ll find conversation and flirting comes really easily

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