my boyfriend is my fp. i am in love with him. no one has ever made me as happy or secure or feel as loved as he has. he is so good with reassuring me, and listening, and understanding me.

recently, we haven't been spending as much time together and i've found myself thinking that i don't love him as much as i used to. that he would be better off if i broke up with him. that maybe i never loved him as much as i thought i did.

this is really scaring me. i feel like a bad person. like he should be mad and leave me. i have been really depressed lately and usually my relationship is the only thing that makes me happy, but it isn't having that effect anymore.

i don't want to leave him. and he has reassured me he won't be leaving me. i think the only thing that can bring me comfort right now is hearing that i'm not the only person who ever feels like this?

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  • bunbunii


    Hey hey! I completely understand this! I have gone through points in my life were my favorite person kinda diminishes in light and I kinda snap back to reality. Also, I have gotten to a point that even though my favorite person makes me happy and smile and laugh and feel good, there’s still this twinge of sadness and loneliness and emptiness that this person can never fill. I have gone through a period where I was trying to fill that void with someone or even a purpose, and honestly I’m still trying to fill it. But I have come to the realization that a PERSON cannot fill this void and this emptiness, that is way too much to ask from someone.

  • IllMermaid


    You’re def not alone. Prayers!

  • Findingok


    Maybe you're confusing love with need. It's common, I did it myself for years. Love is something you share with another and it grows. Need undercuts love because we're trying to get something from another that ultimately we learn to get from ourselves.

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