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I noticed that before I "split" or have a breakdown, my boyfriend is able to calm me down and help. but I still have this impending feeling of doom and I feel like he is going to leave me. a little piece of me wants to leave him so he can't leave me.

    • fluxetinetaker31


      Can relate, the fear of getting hurt or abandoned is so great i get the urges to deny myself any connections and vulnerability. But in my experience that has made me detached from life, makes it difficult for me to enjoy the things i do. I feel like love or any connection is valuable and brings us joy because if it went away, we would be sad. But also know, you will survive whatever changes happen. Relationships have their ups and downs. If you communicate and both put work into it, you ll survive the low moments too. Also for me, with time i feel a lot more secure. I think its also some emotional growth and finding stability in myself. I also try to remember experiences where i did lose a special connection but i am still alive and i still have other connections that make me very happy. Talk to your partner, keep them aware of your feelings. Also try to explore what woukd make you feel more secure, some connection activities?

    • AnxiousPotato02


      I understand that that feeling, it's really difficult to get through those times for me, bit one thing I found that helps is reading and music. Also seeing a therapist helps a lot and keep asking if he loves you still and let him know that you feel like he's gonna leave, and talk through it. Reassurance is key and so is communication

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One coping strategy for dealing with splitting is to acknowledge the split and take some time to give yourself space and cool down. You can try typing all of your thoughts into a notes document, then distract yourself for a while. When you go back to what you typed before, it may seem less intense after the heated moment has ended. It's important to communicate with your partner about the split and allow yourself space to process those feelings.


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