How do I deal with my social anxiety?

Social Anxiety

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  • Butterfly


    SSRI and CBT help me to deal with it. The combination between them is more effective than each one of them individually.

  • Sprout95


    There can be meds that help alleviate it. I really like taking Ativan as-needed when I’m feeling overwhelmed at work. I feel calmer but not fuzzy or out-of-focus. I feel normal not drugged or tired like some meds do. Another thing that really helped me (which I would’ve hated hearing a year ago) was just forcing the interactions. In April I got a job and I have to make dozens of phone calls a day. After a week or two my anxiety was significantly less. And after all these months I dare say I am good at my job lol. I also think it’s related to better self esteem. A good social network can do that for you, different perspectives, and lifestyle changes. Best of luck!

  • Bun


    it’s good to put yourself into situations that may make you a bit uncomfortable. i know it’s hard but trust me it’ll get better.

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