I was just recently diagnosed with social anxiety, and as I look back on my life I realize just how much it's affected me and my decisions. I'm writing this post for something specific that I really need help with.
I always feel like a burden to the people around me and that's why I don't ask for help as much as I should when I'm going through something bad, does anyone have any advice to help me go to people more and trust people more to ask for help when I need it most.

Social Anxiety

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  • Videogamingaddict


    Download the dare app it tells u exactly what to do to get over your Anxiety I've had social anxiety ever since I was in the sixth grade I'm now out of highschool for 5 years and just recently started using it daily and I've been talking a whole lot more than usual which is extremely rare for me. If u need a friend to talk to always feel inclined to message me

  • Miah77


    I'm here to talk to. I've been through a lot in life, and have overcome a lot. Have grown a lot. 🤗

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