balancing my meds is incredibly difficult sometimes. take to much, feel like crap. take to little, same thing.

Glucocorticoid deficiency

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  • Roo2


    I get it! I sleep to long I can hardly get out of bed because I am so deficient. Sometimes I wonder what I’d do if i couldn’t get my meds. This isn’t a fun why to live.

  • iceumup


    That's not good if you have that much trouble when you wake up! Adjust your doses so that you take your second half later in the day... But not too much later because then you can't sleep. Doctors can give you general information about your medication but only you and fine-tune them to your lifestyle. You need to be very careful because Addison's crisis can and will kill you. They suggested I take my second dose between 12 and 2 but that did not work for me so I started taking mine about 3:30 or 4 and that worked out better. If I took it after 6 though I had a lot of trouble sleeping but had to take it anyway cuz you know I like living

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