dad could be going home Tuesday or Wednesday but most likely Tuesday but with autism I'm like kid adult body I'm crying I'm shaking clean up the house but I'm trying not get my heart broken if I don't get call from hospital saying pick him up know I making home gifts and everything but I'm asking how can I be an adult when my mind like kid

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • laceyandme


    Im that way to im like a kid as welll but mines caused by my schizophrenia.

  • xpixelbee


    A mature support system usually helps. Therapy can be one, but also it's okay to give in to those child like vulnerability if you're in a safe setting and someone can hold you. A break down or crying is okay. With emotions we gotta let them come, feel them, then let them go and move on. The more you do this, the better it will help and the anxiety will start to lift more and more. Keep telling yourself "I'm safe, I'm okay, feel and let go" repeat. And if you don't have anyone, put on head phones. Listen to calming music (lofi helps me) curl up tight in a blanket, and hold a pillow/and or yourself. Make sure you do have support though, and you let people know you need alone time for a break down. It's best to be safe. Everything will be okay. Nothing has to be perfect or happy. Just get to "okay" first

  • roseinlandfill



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