Should I taper off medication if my symptoms are getting more exhausting and conflicting with my motivation? How can I distinguish if medication is helping or the cause of negative symptoms?


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  • StrangeLoveDr


    Hi Steppy 👋. For me, personally distinguishing if a medication is the cause of symptoms or not was difficult. And most doctors due to fear of reprisal or liability usually don’t advise you to do anything specific with your medication other than give you a recommended dosage. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a anti-depressive that is truly side effect free, the goal is to get rid of intolerable side effects and to manage the mild ones. What worked for me was to try different medications approved by my doctor until the intolerable side effects went away. I still get headaches and dry mouth, but it’s usually manageable.

  • PhotonMike


    I agree with StrangeLoveDr and recommend trying other medications. I think I tried at least six before settling on a combination of two.

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