i was recently told by my significant other that they love I am so in touch with my emotions, crying, asking for what I want, etc. but they also wish I wasn't, that I would just not. they invited me to their therapy session and what was said is that my partner cannot be there for me, because they only have enough energy to work on themselves. so I asked their therapist if I just need to deal with it, and the short answer is yes. in my mind I feel so invalidated and unheard, and I feel like I can't take my emotions anywhere, and no one to support me, except MY therapist, which hey, I pay them, and I am just feeling generally alone. it's to the point where my partner contradicts what they say,I feel like I am being gas lit constantly, and I can't say anything, because the previous mentioned issues. I have so many issues with feeling alone. it feels so awful.


Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Maddawg


    You have to understand that your partner needs the support you do right now but neither of you can support the other one because of the intensity of both of your struggles. I think it’s valid that your partner asked for a temporary boundary while they figure out how to get strong again and build that tolerance back up. Both of you should look to friends and family for support in the meantime. If you are feeling alone, make friends on discord servers of games you play and hobbies you enjoy to find likeminded people you can bond with and gain some more support from.

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