has anyone else ever moved far from home (I mean out of state/out of country) and they were okay before but then after moving devolved anxiety and depression to a level of being diagnosed? I move half across the country and lost most of my friends, my relationship and even more of my independence. I'm going crazy inside and I don't know what to do


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  • SunInAugust


    Yes. And it took me ages to realize it was anxiety and not a heart condition

  • Vanz


    I'm originally not from the USA. I came here from my tiny for college. I was more than excited to start this journey of my life but as a few months in I started to develop depression and OCD like symptoms as a part of being away from home and not really having a strong support system here I'm at. My best advice to you is to get some form of counselling to help with what you're going through so that you're not alone in your battles!

  • Batwoman



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