Does anyone else have hair that grows in places you don't like? For me it's my face my upper lip and chin is there anything I can do about it. It's very unsettling to me and discouraging.

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)


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  • Fiesty


    Weird hair growth is a common side affect that comes with PCOS! You are not alone.

  • Lolita


    I used to have hair on my lower back when I was young which I was very ashamed of, so I had it removed with laser. You can go to a beautician and have your facial hair removed. I know that there are also some medicines for excessive hair growth, but if it’s not that excessive I would just try to treat it locally.

  • lilibet


    I have facial hair that is slightly thicker than peach fuzz. I also have hairs under my chin and on my neck. I have to get it waxed because none of the stuff I take for PCOS helps with it.

  • Hello


    I use a facial razor from sephora to clean up my face. It doesn’t make me look like a man or anything you think it might do. I tried it a year ago and I love it.

  • 2sleepy4this


    I have some thicker facial hair, especially around my eyebrows and upper lip 😅 I’ve also got black leg hair (I’m a light brunette) and the most pathetic ‘happy trail’ ever. I’ve just got like five jet black hairs below my belly button. It’s the worst!

  • MM2014


    Talk about unwanted hair... I can grow a beard and mustache if I don't shave, I also have a bit of chest hair I have to shave, stomach hair I shave, the obvious full leg hair, I have upper back hair that's dark enough to see and thicker, but I just deal with that (no way I'm shaving my back) and my head hair is thinning and balding... welcome to PCOS at it's finest... you are definitely NOT alone... you can shave, wax, epilate or have Lazer hair removal... but it's there and we all struggle with it... 💕

  • ErinB


    I have serious facial hair issues. I shave every day and probably once a week I tweeze. the tweezing helps so much and the shaving is just maintenance. I would like to do the electro shock removal as people say it's the best. a bit painful but I'm tired of feeling so gross.

  • Gagnium


    Upper lip, jaw, neck, lower back, thighs, butt

  • lily234


    Electrolysis kills. So so painful. Would only recommend for a small amount of hair removal. For larger areas laser is good and getting hormones straightened out with meds so the hair doesn't grow back as fast

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