i have an odd relationship with hygiene. now, i do want to preface that i don't really have issues generally taking care of myself (as in taking showers and things of the like) but my brain is still really weird about it.

i have this odd thing that is basically an obsession with "clean." the best example i have right now, is ear wax. i know it's weird and obscure, maybe a bit TMI, but bare with me.

i have a really big issue with ear wax. when i get out of the shower i *have* to clean out my ears with q-tips (even though i know how bad it is) but that isn't always enough. ive taken to this awful habit of scraping it out of my ears. i know, its is awful.

its not really hurting me, but it does make me really make me worried about getting "caught," (im not doing anything wrong, but it's weird asf) and also about somehow hurting myself. ive been through deliberate self harm before, i don't want to do something stupid and hurt myself like this.

thank you for listening to my rambles, any advice or input is nice but i also just wanted to vent a bit.

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  • darkstarrynight


    Uh I don't think this belongs in the gender dysphoria category

    • Pikachu_girl


      ocd or add maybe... ?

      • darkstarrynight


        yea probably

  • darkstarrynight


    Maybe the ocd one

    • samsvoidx


      idk, it did that automatically and i don't know how to change it, im sorry :(

      • darkstarrynight


        oof idk then

  • Jericho


    I have an issue where I overproduce earwax, and the best options are safely using a syringe to flush the ears, or even better letting that wax soak in diluted hydrogen peroxide to soften and then flush :) these are much safer ways than q-tips. Q-tips actually compact my earwax and make it harder to remove, so this may also help prevent that for you!

  • AnimalBoy


    It's not that weird it just isn't the safest way to clean your ears out, you should, and would probably get better results if you did, flush your ears out with deluded hydrogen peroxide instead that way you get cleaner safer and maybe it'll stop bothering you so much. But if you do decide to keep using your own methods that's your business

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