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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone would like to chat if they relate to any of this. I was just recently diagnosed with OCD, my biggest problem is cleanliness for myself. I constantly clean at work and other places and get anxious when I feel it isn't done right, but for some reason it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to clean even a little bit for myself. i love my work environment because everything's done a certain way and I can keep it that way. my apartment is a mess. everywhere, it's awful. and I get so anxious and even cry cause I feel like I need to do so much but I can't do it. I feel as if I can't get started on one area until another area has been done, but oh I can't do that area until I get a thing for this other area of my apartment and so on. I feel like such a failure and I can't do anything right yet I get so anxious and the idea of doing anything makes me have a panic attack cause I can't do it right. I feel as if it's hard to explain and specific but if anyone relates I would love to hear from you. I never knew that ocd was related to this because I always associated ocd with being a "clean freak" 100% of the time such as my father with severe ocd.

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      I definitely can relate! OCD can be so many different things. I have a super hard time at home with things being messy. Often the mess can give you anxiety but the thought of going through everything and fixing it gives you even more anxiety. It sucks. I think it is quite common for people with mental health issues to have this issue with messiness. But it’s super frustrating when other people don’t understand and just think you’re “being a slob.”

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