So the doctors referred me to physio which didn't work, tried everything but still didn't work.. they referred me to spinal team for injections or surgery but the spinal team has referred me back to physio... anyone ever had this? or know if they'll do something if physio don't work again?

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  • TabbysMom


    Bless you! I am so sorry. Last year I saw 15 different doctors. Being bounced around like that made me feel like no one cared & I was felt so very alone! I kept going. I gave up a couple times. Then went again. Finally found help. Keep trying. You know your body better than anyone. May The Great Spirit bless you with positive medical assistance.

    • Shannlauri


      I've been passed from piddle to post each time for my back the physio put it down to my fibromyalgia I was like this is not fibromyalgia pain.. I suppose try the physio again then the specialist will see for themselves it don't work.. thank you 😊

      • TabbysMom


        the very best of luck to you!

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