does anyone have any alternatives for hitting yourself?? or advice for someone who does it? this is involuntary almost, just a bad thought and then suddenly my fist is at my head :/ it started maybe 6 months ago, but it's gotten worse these last few weeks, then yesterday was the worst it's ever been.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • LilyPad26


    Try wearing a rubber band on your wrist and snap it

  • Mosey


    I wish I knew. I have a problem with hitting myself when stressed. I’ll smack my thighs and hit the sides of my hips until they’re red.

  • wearequantum


    I've heard making the motion but not actually making contact is good. Also jumping up and down really fast seems to work for me

  • Pattik


    I do this too, but haven't done it recently. You could try to dance it out or jump up and down

  • Ribbit


    Shake my hands rlly agressively or shake my hair around. Cold stuff. Or maybe stim toys that make popping sounds? More tense fidget putty or stress balls maybe that require a strain? Sounds weird but if you are alone cussing alot while shaking around and occasionally yelling into a pillow might help lol.

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