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about a month ago I was going to get my monthly injection for nucala (I’ve been on it for two years now and it has tremendously decreased my hospitalizations and helped me somewhat but every now and then I would go to the hospital to be admitted or to the ER) but suddenly during my monthly injection in september I couldn’t get it? somehow the insurance called my pulmonologist’s office and told them “since she’s not improving significantly we want her to stop it” and so… I couldn’t get it anymore and another thing is that nobody called me to let me know that. So, unfortunately I had to switch over to dupixent suddenly and I got my first loading dose about 3 weeks ago? I had a really bad on site reaction where I was experiencing immense chest pain and discomfort + my left arm swelled quite a lot. My left leg went numb. So, they ended up giving me allergy medicine and it sort of calmed me down but I still wasn’t feeling well even afterwards. skip to now, yesterday was my second dose of dupixent and it flared my asthma so bad that I ended up having a silent asthma attack including my heart rate spiked to 170 and I had to be rushed to the closest emergency room. Once I arrived, my mother helped me into a wheelchair and the ER was so packed and I had to wait quite a bit before I could even get a room. I finally got a room and one of the nurses said to me put on this gown and walked out and closed the door. I was struggling so badly because it was hard to move around and they didn’t even help me put on my gown and it took me exactly 7 minutes to put that damn thing on. afterwards I tried to adjust myself on the bed and let me tell you the bed sheet was dirty, it was a few stains on there that I couldn’t tell it was water or something else entirely. the ER doctor came in to see what’s going on and was sort of aggressive with me when he asked for me to talk and deeply inhale and exhale but when I’m having my asthma exacerbations it’s so hard for me to talk, I barely can talk and I can’t breathe in deeply either. I was trying to sit up slowly but supposedly he tried to help by pushing me up to listen to my lungs and chest. I’m extremely weak when I’m in this state too… so I was like 🧐 he kept telling me “you can talk, you can talk” and I barely could voice out my concerns. why ask me questions when I’m having difficulty breathing? can’t barely move on my own? my mother and sister were suppose to come in the back with me but they said I had to get a covid test done before they can come in the ER room with me however they never did a covid test to begin with 💀 and so I messaged my sister and said to ask again for them to come in the back. so eventually they did come in the room with me but I never got my covid test done either. so, we’re like… hm. all they gave me was a few inhaler puffs when I first came in and an IV fluid solumedrol + tylenol. the ER doctor think the cause of all this was “some asthma and mostly anxiety” and so he suggested that I should take xanax while I’m there…. first and foremost xanax may increase the likelihood of asthma exacerbation and may actually contribute to more respiratory problems. secondly, I’m already on a lot of medications to begin with and wasn’t sure how it’ll interact with what I’m currently taking, so I kindly shook my head no. I don’t want it. It was a lot going on and I couldn’t barely breathe and all they kept asking me was “do you want xanax, etc.” and tell me why they didn’t give me an actual breathing treatment until later… like before I was discharged. It was weird and malpractice for sure. As soon as I was discharged he put me on 40mg prednisone for the next few days… and I won’t be taking dupixent anymore because of the reactions I’ve had.

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      Woah I am so sorry that ER dr put you through that. I understand it's a hectic medical field compared to an organized dr visit but jeez. I feel like I need to ask every ER dr or nurse to look me in the eye and take a big damn breath before they start treating or addressing me. I'm usually not capable of those things when I'm there but I have a very supportive partner now who has been helpful in minimizing miscommunications and moderating ignorant drs on such occasions. Especially when they want to bring my pain down with meds I cannot handle and I have to tell them no over and over. Glad you made it through that 💪

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