does anyone else have this problem? at night and sometimes during the day I feel like someone is behind me watching me and/or about to k!// me. sitting in my room watching a movie I feel like someone came through my window and is behind me. and when I'm laying down I cant fall asleep bc I feel unsafe and I run through my halls almost going into a full blown panic attack when they're dark bc the murd3r3r is gonna get me.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Hopeydopey


    I get similar thoughts. I always think the person behind me in a car is following me no matter who it is. Sometimes I go crazy thinking who's following me. Then finally when I turn in to where I'm going I feel better when they don't follow me. If they do I will sit in car until they go in first.

  • theprismsystem


    Yes everyday

  • Wednesday_7


    Yeah, I get really paranoid sometimes walking around. I have to keep the lights on in rooms I'm not in and luckily in my living situation no room is empty for anyone to hide.

  • darknessisnear


    All the time

  • poodlelover28


    My biggest fear is burglars especially ones that murder

  • deardiary


    so i’m not the only one 😭

    • ashi3


      fr😭 I was honestly shocked to see all the comments I thought I was crazy

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