those with anxiety, when you have a severe anxiety attack, what do you do to help yourself stop thinking youre about to die? i hate this and have yet to find a solution. please, send help. 😭

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  • roboticboyfriend


    I try to ground myself, focus on my surroundings and try to enforce the idea that it’s just my body playing tricks on me. I picture it like I’m reeling in a rouge kite, sort of steadying myself and slowly tugging myself away from these irrational thoughts. (I know it sounds really corny and this is a frequent answer to this, but steady breathing is also very helpful and important.) Doing any of this can be much harder some times than others, and of course different things work for different people. If you’re currently seeing a reliable psychiatrist or doctor that can prescribe you something based on your symptoms, there are anxiety medications that are very helpful to look into and can limit these extreme attacks. Best of luck ❤️

    • sendhelp


      thank you for the advice. I try to distract myself and that seems to help some days. Others i just have to ride it out.

  • YaeMiko


    When I’m having a panic attack, the first place my mind goes it that I’m dying. I do an exercise where I think what is the worst case scenario, which naturally starts with “well I’m going to die”. It’s difficult to do but I rule that opinion out using logic (which is nowhere to be found during a panic attack, hence the difficultly), telling myself I’ve had hundreds or maybe thousands of panic attacks before and none of them have killed me yet. In a weird way each panic attack I have makes me stronger and more equipped for the next one because it just adds to my bank of experiencing a panic attack and not dying from it! Panic attacks are awful and I hate that anyone experiences them, but hopefully it’s a little helpful in the future if you just remind yourself when one is happening that they haven’t killed you before and they won’t this time either! Also probably very silly but afterwards the relief of having the attack end makes me so tired that I end up taking a beautifully restful nap afterwards so during an attack I’ll remind myself I have a nice peaceful nap to look forward to at some point 😂

  • Moomoo72


    I've had to learn to accept that I am having a panic attack, and stop panicking over trying to make it stop as quickly as possible. That alone has helped. I like to put in a YouTube video that guides you through breathing, not just because the breathing itself is helpful, but because it reminds me that this is a panic attack, not a heart attack. I know what they are, I know it won't actually kill me, and I know even though I feel like I'm dying, I just have to sit with it, get through it, and make it out the other side. It's uncomfortable and scary and it still hurts like hell, but while my body is panicking, my mind is still okay, if that makes sense. As long as I can keep pulling myself out of those intrusive thought loops of "what if it really is a heart attack this time, what if I really am gonna die" etc. I have a much easier time wading it out.

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