Just looking for people to relate to and talk to about TBIs and their experiences

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Intracranial Injury


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  • Amanda721


    Hi! I survived a massive stroke when I was 18 💕

  • Donut


    Hello! ✋ I’m here for the same reason. I was dropped on my head 4 years ago and have really struggled with my ongoing symptoms. I haven’t connected with anyone who had a similar injury since it happened, so it’s refreshing seeing a community here we can actually talk to.

  • EricaC


    Same!! I acquired my tbi at 20 I’m now28! I am living a practically ‘normal’ life and I’m just looking for friends who understand I guess haha

  • kbaby2323


    I had a closed head injury almost two years ago any body here get disability?

  • Jcm13


    Bicycle accident 3.5 years ago. I still struggle with memory issues and word recall. Regular meals and plenty of sleep help me. I rely on my husband a lot also. Thankfully he’s very patient. It’s hard. I miss the way I used to be and I think people think I’m a moron which is hard.

  • Zozo_ollie


    In 2014 I got 3 concussions within 3 months of each other. 2017 I got in a car crash and smashed my head against the dash. Now, I have been living with long term effects. I always thought I would always be stuck with headaches and nausea, but it is getting better. Through all this, I've grown and seen things in a possible light. 🤗

  • ripakajoany


    I've also experienced neurological issues ( paralysis ) on 1/2 of my body 27 yrs ago. Had a motorcycle accident 1 yr ago, spent 2 months in hospital, 3 days after being released, started experiencing neurological issues again. Not the paralysis, just strange feelings all over my body, food in my mouth doesn't feel the same, my balance is off, I speak slow and methodical. I feel people can notice. I'm self conscious about it. It started on 1/2 of my body. Feeling it all over now. Mainly from the waist down. Feel weird in my upper arms and wrist. My checks on my face feel strange to the touch. My left side is way stronger in the symptoms. I get way tired now trying to do anything. 5 simple lunges on each leg wipe me out. Just getting ready in the morning makes me tired. I tried working 8 months after the accident. I do bookkeeping. I can't multi-task anymore. I went in for two weeks straight, just sucking it up, but at the end of two weeks, finally gave it up. It was to hard for me. Just walking down the isle at the grocery store makes me dizzy looking back and forth for items. Loudness makes me anxious. The end of May will be 1 year after my accident. I don't even know if a doctor can help. I feel like my body needs to heal itself like it did 27 years ago. But it doesn't seem to be healing. I'm sharing to see if anyone has similar experiences the can relate to and what they have done to have healed from the symptoms. Or if they are still experiencing them. If anyone is like me, you don't research this kind of stuff unless you are experiencing a problem 😑.

  • KirbyWirby


    I got a concussion and suffered a TBI a few years ago and wasn't aware of it until last week. Doc tells me it's the cause of most of my problems (poor balance, bad sleep, no concentration, brain fog, and more!) But he's confident he can help me and improve my quality of life. So that's a relief. He's a neurologist and chiropractor. I don't know what exactly he'll do yet but I'm chomping at the bit for some relief from the life I've been living for the past few years.

  • kelzbellz


    Hey! I suffered a tbi and fractured hip when I fell down some steps when I was 11 months old. I'm 32 now and I have some long term memory issues and frequent migraines but other than that, I'm good.

  • CreativC


    Hey its been a little over 3 years since my TBI from sexual assault and I've improved a lot, healed a lot, and am hopeful about healing more through the power of neuroplasticity! If you believe it then you can be it, and, as what we focus on gets bigger, I finally trained myself to take self-care as seriously as a full-time job. Haha With extra long sleep breaks :) ❤️ and by practicing self-acceptance and creating not a routine but routinely habits... Because the diagnonsense itself can be damaging, I re-title myself as an artist, hobbyist, musician and writer. I'm joining society and getting and staying active and connected. And I just want to say YOU CAN DO IT! In your own way. It's your journey and YOU CAN AND WILL HEAL IF YOU TRY. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life, despite problems. It's possible.

  • Traumatoad


    Passenger 75mph t-boned by a large deer in 2020. Learning who I am now.

  • Chance11286


    In December 2013 I got hit while walking by a car going like 40 I died twice and fell into a coma then I spent almost 4 years in a nursing home recovering I was in my wheelchair forever I suffered a TBI and my right arm is paralyzed and I had knee surgery on my MCL

  • Chance11286


    But in the nursing home I got baptized and found Jesus so fair trade

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