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I just had my wisdom teeth removed last week, I believe the top set healed fine, but the bottom set hurt and is leaking pus. I already called and left a message at the oral surgeon's, I assume they will give me more antibiotics. I'm honestly scared, I don't know how often an infection like this can escalate. I've already cleaned it with a mix of water and hydrogen peroxide. Is there anything else I can do, and is this worth worrying over?

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  • Weiss


    Hey, I had complications with mine but it was many many years ago. The best thing you can probably do is increase your intake of water and do salt water rinses occasionally. Don't swish rough, just like tilt your head to make it wash over. Just be super sure to watch for a fever. Fever is when you need to be more concerned. Call your primary care doctor's office and ask to speak to an on-call nurse or call your local urgent care (that's in your insurance). Like a CareSpot, if you have those. Watch your body and wait for advice from your oral care team unless you start to feel sick and feverish. If you have an infection, don't panic, it's not too uncommon and they know what they're doing. 😊 Stay strong, you got this.

    • Gothblueberry


      Will do! Thank you so much, you've definitely helped me calm down. It's pretty easy to worry about stuff like this, lol

      • Weiss


        Hope things are rolling smoother and better now with your healing! ❤️

  • sky12


    When I had my wisdom teeth removed I ended up getting dry socket in the two bottom spots and it hurt so bad. I felt like I had been punched in the face on both sides. Once it healed it felt so much better.

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