Ive had a problem most of my life where I give other people really helpful advice(according to others) for anything from relationships, to battling anxiety, depression, life etc..

but like many I fail often to be able to listen to that advice myself.

So, wierd/dumb question, how do you listen (or trick yourself into listening) to your own advice you give to others?

Question also for those who know psychology or are therapists:
why is it hard for ppl often to listen to their own advice? why does it feel uncomfortable to do so?



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  • Rose1128


    Wow, reading what you wrote was like reading a perfect description of myself! Everyone I know knows that I read a lot and that I'm usually a pretty good person to ask for advice, especially regarding medical issues. However, I am the absolute worst following my own advice- it has really puzzled me for years as to why I am like this. It is very confusing, sometimes I feel like I don't follow my own advice because of the fact that I'm usually in a deep depression and deep down I really don't care what happens to me. I know that sounds terrible but I think that's what's happening, at least in my case.

  • Swerve


    Try an affirmation journal. You might be surprised what you can do when you've tasked yourself to do it. Just write down the things you want to see yourself doing, and go cross it out and write down more when you ready

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