My new psychiatrist is going to treat me for PMDD, but she doesn't want to officially diagnose yet. I have had it for over a year. she's starting me on Zoloft and adding abilify in a few weeks. I've been in abilify before. any feedback on Zoloft or this combination? any warnings?


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  • Lolaaa


    i got really tired at day and then shaky and gittery at night the first week or so but it gets better

  • ___


    I always look up my meds online like “med 1 med 2 interactions” so I looked up yours and I found that it could increase your risk of irregular heart rhythms IF YOU HAVE a heart condition. If you are at all concerned, maybe just send a message to your doctor to check on it. The other thing was to make sure to not drink alcohol when taking these meds because of the sedating effect it could have. Otherwise it looked okay to me! I am not a licensed professional, I am just a nursing student.

  • BeaBea


    You may have a decreased sex drive from Zoloft, but not dissimilar to any other SSRI in that sense.

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