How do you feel about your face? What are the things you like or dislike about it?

I always feel like I have the most hideous face ever even though logically, I know its not necessarily true. Sometimes I'll go out of my way to cover up my face (sunglasses, hats, masks) when out in public bc I feel so insecure/ashamed about it.

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • Jazpur


    Personally I don't like my smile and face shape and similar to you I wear masks a lot when out in public recently I tried going without one my friends actually complimented me I think it's really important to get an opinion from other people You've probably already done that I wouldn't know but it works for me

  • Margaret4


    i pretty much hate every part of my face aside from maybe my eye color. people will tell me i’m pretty but i assume they’re just saying it to be nice. i can accept that i’m not hideous but i don’t look how i want to look and that will never change. masks have actually been very convenient for me 😅 i don’t like how sunglasses and most hats look on me though

  • PWB414


    I am also very mean about my face /: it's hard for me to even list anything I like about it. It feels like a lie in a way. Even though logically I know I have some features that are totally fine! But even that statement was so hard to say. I have been trying really hard to be kinder to my face.

  • Cait1111


    I feel the same way. I hate everything about my face except my dimples. I try my best to avoid looking at people because I'm scared they'll notice my flaws. I've been told I have a big forehead and big front teeth, so I try not to smile and always wear my hair down. I can never forget comments people make about my body :(

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