I am so frustrated with my thyroid...I wish they would just remove it!

Levothyroxine Sodium


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  • MzRi


    I just had mine removed last month and it completely is a bummer.

    • _Chrysanthemum


      what makes you say that? I was just recently diagnosed with hashimotos so I’m trying to educate myself to be prepared for my potential future 😅

    • VentiGreenTea


      I just spoke with my endo about potentially removing my thyroid due to my rapid fluctuations with Hashimotos. He mentioned that even if my thyroid is gone, the antibodies that would attack it would potentially move onto something else, which I know is a possible issue with Hashimotos. I still feel like I'm leaning towards wanting it removed, because this is really taking a toll on my quality of life.

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