I had an ischemic stroke in 3020,imLooking for encouraging recovery stories and tips

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  • Nana27


    I suffered one in January of this year and also looking for recovery information. Since I've been diagnosed with Epilepsy and Anxiety Disorder. Hopeful on this journey for you.

    • Diva_queen


      I have epilepsy too.I take keppra twice a day got it and it seems to help unless I miss more than two doses.I wish you luck on your journey.recovery is tough.there’s a great support group on Facebook called”life after stroke.it’s very helpful

      • Nana27


        Thank you I will look it up. I was placed on Keppra also but had terrible side affects (keppra rage) have been given Gabapentin by my Neuro till I see an Epilepsy Specialist in July and further diagnosed.

  • Carisma


    I had two ischemic strokes in 2015. So 7 years ago March and June. I am permanently disabled with right side weakness, neuropathy, spasms and pain. I walk with a limp and a cane now. But I am walking. I have cognitive difficulties at time, but I am learning how to strengthen my cognitive abilities. Keep moving, choose a better diet, realize you are a newer person. It's okay to not be okay all the time. Cry about it and then wipe your tears and keep going. I'm taking care of myself by myself since being widowed 2021. I also take care of a house, yard, and 3 dogs. I have a few limits, but that just drives me to think outside the box and try harder. I am stronger than I think I am.

  • Flowe1986


    Wow charisma you are such a champion and I'm super proud of you hope you don't mind me saying so.

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