Anyone else dealing with worsened cfs due to long-haul covid? My cfs used to be difficult but manageable. However, since I started dealing with long-haul covid, I can barely stand for 10 minutes at a time and every little movement has my heart rate shooting up. I’m taking provigil to help me stay awake more than three hours at a time but I’m still super exhausted and weak. Does anyone else have experience with this or advice on how to get my cfs back to how it used to be?


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

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  • TreePerson



  • Goose33


    Yup, my psychiatrist prescribed it, it’s been pretty helpful

  • I_Need_Caffeine


    For me it’s been lots & lots of supplements. Research and then trial and error into what works for you. Looking at Dr. Sarah Myhill’s protocol for ME/CFS is a great place to start. She’s an ME/CFS specialist

  • Sir_Sleeps_a_Lot


    Yes, my chronic fatigue syndrome has been worse since I had Covid in November 2020.

  • Sir_Sleeps_a_Lot


    Eating a low glycemic diet with lots of vegetables helps a little. I was able to do some exercise before, but now I’m a lot more limited.

  • Sir_Sleeps_a_Lot


    I am totally wiped out the day after doing even a small work out.

  • gingerKittens


    Gosh I got chronic fatigue from COVID I can’t imagine having it before …

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