Hi my name is kiss I have 3 herniated disc in my lower back 1 disc is completely gone rubbing bone on bone does anyone else go threw this if so what are some suggestions for relief

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • Kimmiepooh


    I wish I knew what to tell you honey. I have the same problem. Actually I was looking at the meds you are on and I am so surprised to see that a lot of our meds are exactly the same! Lol

  • Kiss


    Oh wow those meds are for my ms

    • Kimmiepooh


      yep I've have had, had now, and will have tons of them

  • MaryC


    Have you tried traction? Physical therapy used traction to relieve some of the pain & before my back surgery I had one of those table things that flip you upside down. Both gave me relief at least for a little bit

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