Should I tell my parents I have anxiety?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • variegatedheart


    depends on a few things! - do you need them to get help treating your anxiety? (ex. on their insurance) - would they be supportive? - do you want them to know?

  • Tris


    I agree with variegatedheart. I think if your parents are supportive, then 100% tell them. My parents are divorced and I told them right away when I found out I was dealing with anxiety and depression. My mom was completely on my side and she has done everything to help me deal with it. My dad on the other hand still denies the fact that I deal with these things even though he has seen me go through life with them. It’s really hard when someone you love denies such a big issue you’re dealing with. But like I said it feels great to have my mom on my side to help and encourage me when I have my bad days.

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