Anyone know that person who delt with anxiety or depression and got the right help and is doing wonderful presently but when it comes to other people who still deal with chronic anxiety depression or attacks it’s like they don’t get it or understand despite having been there? Like them somehow finding a way out and moving on for them is like we should be able to too?? I don’t getit. You would think someone who had been there would have sympathy and understanding and would want to help….

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  • Al1na


    My mother has major depressive disorder. I have bipolar disorder. Hers has been well managed for many years. She tries to be understanding, but often falls short. Saying if I would stay steady on medication (which I do) then everything would be fine

    • Katharina


      which proves not everyone is the same and it’s not always that simple 💕 that’s hard

  • EmmaWai


    My therapist has taught me that "should" is a naughty word and it only causes problems when we use it. " I SHOULD be able to get over this." "This SHOULDN'T be any harder for me." Etc. No matter what other people say, only you really know your struggles and you are 100% valid in what you think and feel. Depression is so so hard and there is no reason that you just "should" get over it. 💕

  • Chesbro99


    I think we all have different reasons behind our problems also. Like meds are helping my bipolar and depression a lot. But not not my anxiety. So some is more biological. Other might have it caused from the environment, then that has to be changed. There is no cure. Everyone is so different

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