Hi, I’m willing to try anything at this point to clear up my bv and keep it from coming back. I’ve heard and read lots of good things about boric acid, should I give it a go?

Bacterial vaginosis

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  • Butter77


    I struggled with BV for a few years - tried the antibiotics etc but also kept coming back. I decided to take a holistic approach - 1) understand the “health” of my gut. Did an anti-candida protocol with a integrative doctor to remove the overgrowth of candida in my stomach. This helped to reduce the reoccurrence of BV but didn’t 100% eradicate it 2) did an Ayurvedic retreat in India and did a total internal detox to reset my body and flush out years of antibiotics, hormonal surge from being on birth control pills etc. this helped me to get to 90% of feeling “normal again. 3) final step that helped me never get BV again- acupuncture sessions with a female acupuncturist (in Germany where I was living at that time). Haven’t had an issue since then. It’s been 6 years.

  • HufflepuffHPW


    Boric acid is pretty good. I tried them over a year ago and they seemed to have help. Now I'm currently trying Probiotics which OBGYN is having me try since it is suppose to help keep the vagina healthly and much more.

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