i just got my lamictal upped to 50 mg, i’ve only been on it for 2 weeks. what dosage or when did it start working for you?


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  • MakGyver


    I take it for bipolar and eppilepsy. My current dose is 300mg a day; 150mg in the morning and 150 at nite. It is a great mood stablizer and goes well with my prozac and rexulti.

  • Sapphicspice


    I’m on 300mg. I take it for my Epilepsy because it didn’t work as a mood stabilizer for me.

  • MissMatched


    I am on 200 mg. I was reduced by 200 mg. after TMS sessions. Also...**Watch for a rash**

  • cajunlady


    I have try Lamictal and my lips and tongue swell up

  • nikko


    anywhere between 100-200mg works for me but i think 150mg for me is best. i got it prescribed as a mood stabilizer but it works better as an antiepileptic for me so thats why ive stayed on it for a long time. it takes a couple of weeks after upping the dose to ur optimal/highest dose for it to rly work. personally tho it gives me migraines whenever the dose has been upped too fast so idk

  • lucyyy


    i’m at 200 and it’s amazing for me!!! helped so much with mood :) forever grateful for ms lamictal. i had no side effects

  • bokbok


    I'm on 300mg, and it still doesn't work for me. But I metabolize meds very differently than most people

  • hoolia


    150 was when it really was effective. i increased to 300 but i don’t really know if it’s made a difference. i think i’m on too many to jnow

  • Begonia_Marie


    I’m on 250 for epilepsy. I’ve tried to keep my dosage low bc I don’t like the insomnia side effect, but this is as low as I can get. Any lower and I get break through seizures. I’ve gone as high as 300.

  • MegR


    I was on 200mg when I started to notice it working for mood stabilizer.

  • Or


    Started working as a mood stabilizer at 150mg, it’s been upped to 300 since then

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