I just need a place to rant.
Me and my fiancé were 5 months away from our wedding when their grandmother passed. Me and her were very close and it was terribly hard on both me and my fiancé and we decided to postpone so we could focus on grieving without wedding stress. Since then, I have started college and we said it’s probably best we wait till I finish college for the wedding. I did something sappy today and put on my wedding dress and I got sad. A part of me is afraid we’ll never be able to have the wedding. Also I’m worried about having it in general because I know I’ll look over at some point and their grandma won’t be there and I’ll cry. I just want that moment with my love and the people we care about. Just let me be sad😔😔😔😔

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  • alasey


    my brother is getting married this saturday, our grandfather just passed away at the beginning of april. it’s going to be very hard on a lot of people to look and see that he isn’t there. him and his fiancé decided to wait until she graduated college to get married to try and have the least amount of stress as possible. i hope that you guys can get this all figured out and when the time is right it will come and be wonderful!! wishing you the best of luck!!

  • Emoly


    Sending all the love and support! You’re gonna be a beautiful bride! Sometimes life is really sucky just before it gets really good. Their grandmother sounds lovely, and hopefully her memory can still make your wedding magical and special. I’m sorry it’s impossibly hard (understatement), but here’s a free imaginary hug if you want it. You’re doing so much and being so strong and taking care of college, your relationship, and dealing with grief is a lot to handle. No matter what happens, you are a beautiful human and you both deserve the world!

  • Jyn


    I'm so sorry for your loss. These things can be difficult to navigate but I think you two are making the right choice. If you're in love, you'll be together anyways, so might as well wait to get married til you're both emotionally ready. My husband and I got married in 2020. Our parents weren't able to be there in person and had to watch on Zoom. My dad was upset he couldn't walk me down the aisle. I had second thoughts right up to the moment I said "I do". Now I don't regret being married to him, but regret the wedding, or lack thereof. We're going to do a vow renewal with family eventually, when money allows for it, but whenever I think about the "wedding" I feel disappointed. All this to say, don't rush yourselves. Wait until you're fully ready and have had time to mourn your loss. You both have my condolences. Take care of yourselves 💜

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