Cymbalta! I’m about to start taking these 30mg then 60mg after a few days per my psychiatrist… scared but i did do a gene test for it. Ive taken others but either didn’t work or had side effects. the reviews are scaring me so wanted to ask about it here. Will be taking it for depression/ptsd.


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  • Betzkate


    It helped me. I had physical pain with my depression. It helped ease the pain and I was able to stop taking Tylenol and ibuprofen everyday. I am much calmer from anxiety and ptsd triggers. It doesn't stop symptoms. But maybe dulls them at times which I think is more manageable. I also only take 30mg. I wanted room to go up if I had had time with life issues in the future.

  • sja517


    I take Cymbalta (90mg) for nerve pain because other medications hadn’t worked for me, so even though we have different situations, I wanted to share my positive experience with it in case it helps you feel less scared. (Which I totally understand—I have anxiety and tend to get scared about side effects before starting new meds.) Cymbalta has significantly helped me with the symptoms I use it for, and I’ve been taking it for almost 4 years now. My only long term side effect has been weight gain, which was easily fixed by getting some bigger clothes (if you have the resources for that). Short term, I had nightmares for about a week when starting and both times the dosage was increased, which wasn’t fun but was temporary. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it works for me, and it has helped me manage my condition. I wish you the best and hope it works for you, or that you find something else that does! ❤️

  • AudaCity


    Have been on cymbalta (60) for about 4 years! I like it a lot-- it helps with my nerve pain and also my depression so I get the kind of 2 for 1 effects.

  • cosmocola


    I'm unable to take more than 20mg because it triggered mania symptoms, but in the mean time it did wonders for my obsessive compulsive symptoms which lowered my anxiety a lot. Even though it doesn't work in high does for me, definitely recommend trying it

  • rubatoxiiss


    I’m on cymbalta 60mg and it’s helped me

  • Spaz


    Cymbalta has helped regulate my mood pretty well. I learned the hard way not to skip doses. Physical withdrawal can happen rather quick on this med.

  • lazydaisy


    Thanks so much for the comments! For those who this applies to, how did you combat weight gain? I workout regularly but have heard its a big side effect.

  • Proxy


    I'm on Cymbalta (generic, 30 mg). It works well for me. I feel just more stable and in control of my reactions. Haven't really noticed any side effects, though now that I see weight gain is a side effect that might be not helping my weight.

  • AK11


    I wouldn’t advise taking it unless you’re okay with never coming off. Withdrawal is severe. I’ve been on it ten years unable to come off

  • wildhoney


    i just had to wean off a med i’d been on for YEARS and replace it with cymbalta, and i was scared too. i’ve been on 60mg for about a month now and can safely say i’m starting to see some improvement without horrible side effects. i’ve been having some brain fog issues, but it gets better over time

  • Craazayy


    Have you discussed Spravota with your Dr.?

  • lazydaisy


    @craazayy i have not!!

  • StarGazer333


    I just started Cymbalta 65mg! I have been on it for almost 3 weeks now and it definitely helps me manage my PMDD. I am still going through some of the side effects like constipation but I’m hoping that won’t last long. I was taking lexapro before but it stops helping after three months. Cymbalta seems to be much better so far.

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