I’ve heard Gabapentin is potentially dangerous with long term use - does anyone know anything more or have any good sources on that?

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  • Vidia


    I have been on it awhile now and it definitely helps me. I do know there was a lot of health risks but that goes with a lot of medication anymore sadly but I feel if you find something that works I personally stick with it unless you do not feel yourself. It can cause alot of anxiety, irritatablity and mood changes but long as you find ways to control that it's not too bad well not for me but again everyone is different,hope that helps a little.🤗

  • Y0g1


    I have never heard that- I also use gabapentin as a preventative for migraines and headaches, not for anxiety. I have been on it for probably over a year now (900mg a day) and I haven’t seen anything bad from it… also every medication could potentially have bad long term effects or just not be right for you and you experience bad symptoms right away. If you are already on it and concerned about it talk to your doctor- that’s the best advice I can give for that

  • Nana27


    I've heard the same but I just been placed on it 2 months ago for epilepsy. It is helping so I too am just sticking with it. Even Tylenol will reek havoc on your body. So I just also agree whatever helps make you feel better and try to live a health life style in the meantime.

  • wormboy


    👍 been taking gabapentin 800 mg three times a day for almost 15 years from underopathy I've had no unusual side effects of any kind it does help

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