Have you been able to find the cause of your eczema?

Atopic Dermatitis

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  • BoogyWoogy


    No, I have not and it came out of nowhere for me. Maybe a failing part of the immune system, making hyperactive and/or genetics? I know certain environmental factors exacerbate symptoms, like metallics (getting sweat off affected areas is muy importante). Talk to your dermatologist about Adbry. They're really trying to steal everyone from dupixent, and if your insurance gives you a hard time (like mine is), it's very, very possible that you can get it for free for up to two years.

  • dimand


    For me, it started getting bad when I was diagnosed with lupus

  • CuriousSquirrel


    It got less bad when I switched all of the soap/detergent in my house to unscented/hypoallergenic after my doc recommended it, but it's not gone

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