Hi! So I have pcos and an anxiety disorder. My main question is how do you guys manage your own personal anxieties especially related to maybe having pcos? And what medication/ supplements make you feel the best. As metformin makes me feel hella sick


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  • Persephone9


    The key for me was finding the right OBGYN and endocrinologist!! I went through several negligent/untrustworthy docs before finding someone who would answer my questions and present me with ALL my options for treatment/management. Don’t settle for anything but the best for your care! I like to come to my appointments with questions prepared ahead of time to keep me organized. I don’t take any meds for PCOS specifically but I’ve heard anti inflammatory/plant based diets are helpful.

  • PinkPupButt


    I take metformin for my diabetes type 2, as I didn't want to treat my PCOS for the benefits it gave me as a trans man but if you need to look into long release metformin! it'll give you the same dose but slower which helps alot with the sick feeling. also the sickness goes away with time too! your body has to adjust to it first before it gets easier. I only recently got switched over to the slow release version, I haven't even took it yet cause my pharmacy is closed for the holidays but apparently it makes a world of difference!

  • lily234


    I take birth control and spironolactone for my PCOS and it's helped me a lot. If you're also struggling with anxiety maybe look into seeing a therapist or get a psychiatrist to prescribe meds if necessary. Good luck 💕

  • CaliDreamer


    Gut health is super important! Your gut is related to anxiety and depression. Being on certain medications can disrupt the gut bacteria balance and cause unnecessary anxiety. Changing diet and taking probiotics helped me so much. I also enjoy taking time at the beginning of the day to plan my day so I have to make less choices during the day which helps the exhaustion, and journal or read or color at the end of the day to help my brain shut down so I sleep better. Managing my PCOS naturally has helped not just the PCOS but other areas of my life! It balances my blood sugar but also helps my mood and memory loss and makes me feel so much better having a good diet in place.

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