I’m on vraylor and several antidepressants for a bipolar depressive episode and I have so much trouble waking up and being alert enough to function in the mornings. Anyone else experience this?

acute lethargy

Bipolar Disorder



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  • ClayKomWonkru


    Yes, it sucks. I try to make a morning todo list just to get me out of bed and thinking and functioning.

  • FinnWren


    vraylar made me so groggy! I slept so much :( but then I changed to take it at night and that helped a bit 🤷

    • ClayKomWonkru


      seems like a good idea

  • DitsyDiabetic


    I take vraylar in the morning, but it doesn’t make me tired. Everybody I’ve talked to gets tired from it tho. It’s so weird 🤯

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