I’m not doing good and would love people to talk to who won’t ghost me. I’m super stressed. And No I’m never going to harm myself or others. I just need some caring ears.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


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  • rewind


    I am here

  • Lucky_H


    Another ear! Our symptoms are all different but we are all here trying to find better solutions.

  • Jebender


    Oof I felt that Feel free to message

  • fuzzybee


    I'm here too my belly hurts right now I'm in continent I'll go and it won't I can't hold it in it just comes right out of me I have I'm guessing IBS where my stomach hurts I have diarrhea gas

  • hazyeclipse


    Feel free to message me if you need another listening ear

  • Izi


    I’ve messaged everyone and only one responded. If you could check your messages. I would love some ideas for stress release. Thank you.

  • Shibbni


    Hi Izi, so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time . I wonder if you have ever looked up the gut to brain connection. Whatever I have read so far - it basically means a poor gut health affects our mental health immensely. And hence sometimes - working on mental health along with gut health helps in living a better life. So pls do reach out to your medical provider and ask them if they can help with this . Also while I have never used it - there is an app called * Nerva * which is specifically designed to improve this gut to brain connection. You may wanna check them out and see wat it is about and if it will suit your needs. Sometimes , taking action is the answer. Just go do it girl ! Good luck

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