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Normally we as a system really struggle with reaching out to anyone, so it kinda feels weird to do, but I’m honestly so tired. Everything is so stressful and I feel like I can’t keep going like this forever. We’ve gone through rough patches before and made it out, but to be honest everything just sucks so much right now. I’m sorry if none of what I said connected together or made sense, I just don’t know what to do. I’m so stressed.

    • Derek20


      Hi, I'll start off by saying thanks for writing. I think that it's precisely in such situations that it's not easy to talk about, and even if you feel that nothing makes sense at the moment, that's fine. I always feel that this disease is so full of ups and downs that sometimes I don't even understand if I control it or if it controls me. What helps me the most is to surround myself with people who love me and care for me, whether it's family or friends, people I trust, I can tell them what I'm going through, and they will try to understand and help me without judging. Also, I recommend of course getting professional help, my psychologist and psychiatrist are great. Have you tried therapy?

    • mrlove108


      I wish i were good with words but ill say something anyway. I am also so tired of being so stressed. And i also struggle with asking for help with anything. For me it was mainly anxiety and confidence. That had it hard to ask people stuff and im starting to understand that i think we have to just. Be uncomfortable in order to get destressed. You may have to find someone who you can really talk to to make this make sense. Like right now im really stressed over something i as the host knows that its perfectly fine. I shouldnt be worried about it. But i am anyway. I have attempted to ignore the feeling but it just swells. So i had to do something i really didnt want to do and i had to tell someone i trusted whats wrong and how i feel. And how i had to explain that there is no real reason for me to feel like this. Getting it out to someone is extremely beneficial for me. As well as trying to look at everything from a 3rd perspective. Like in previous scenarios that i felt anxious and asked myself from a 3rd person view why i felt like that. If i cant find a reason i try to drop it because then theres no reason to stay in the shitty memory. Idk im rambling sorry. I hope i gave you something to work with

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