About a month ago o took a delta THC gummie 25 mg which I thought it was CBD not THC but anyways I got very very paranoid and ever since then I don’t feel right I feel like I’m in a dream and feel disconnected from my family :( Can this be fixed? Is this more anxiety? I’m so scared

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  • Olliie


    sounds like dissociation (derealization/depersonalization) - you're not crazy, or alone! its not an uncommon reaction to some drugs. it will often subside on its own, but a therapist can help a bunch.

  • MOVi


    Thank you so much for the reply! Means a lot 🙌

  • EmmaB


    Hey MOVi, sorry to hear you had a bad experience.. I know that sometimes, with drugs, if we are not 100% in control of what we take or feel it could make us feel like you described. I would go get checked just in case, but try to relax in the meantime as much as you can.

  • Lulu10


    It sounds like maybe the THC exacerbates your anxiety symptoms. I’m not an expert with what it can do with anxiety but in my opinion you should go to see your psychiatrist and tell him about those feelings

  • Bucket


    Yeah THC does not work for me, haha. I stick with hemp CBD since there is no THC in it. As long as it's just CBD it helps my anxiety.

  • Teddy_Bear


    Medical marijuana does not work for everyone as each person has a different reaction to drugs. I, personally, take gummies with THC and CBD, but it's a 1:2 ratio and that works wonders for my chronic pain. However, I also don't feel paranoid. I think if you want to try it again, depending on what you are taking it for, I would start at a lower dosage like 2mg or 5mg.

  • Sierra


    Ive definitely experienced having bad side effects from a substance, and them lasting a long time, like bad anxiety. I can’t say for sure that’s what you’re dealing with, but it took therapy for me to realize it was just the substance and to work through that anxiety. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. Paranoia from thc can often come when you’re not expecting to get high, and aren’t prepared for it

  • Kikaleeks


    They some people with existing mental issues, it can exacerbate them and send you into an episode of psychosis. Hasn’t happened to me! But I’d still be carful with that stuff and make sure your in a safe environment when you try stuff like this!!

  • mochimom


    i sometimes experience paranoia and general panic while smoking/taking edibles containing THC, delta 8 or otherwise. this can depend on the strain or even the way the THC is processing through your body... i'd just bring it up at your next appointment ❤️

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