I was officially diagnosed with IC today after a 2-ish year battle with urinary urgency, frequency, and now urethral burning. Azo doesn’t work, amitriptyline made me gain constipated with weight gain, advil and Tylenol don’t do much, hydroxyzine works a tiny bit, pelvic PT is hit or miss, and I took urogesic blue today but I don’t think it did anything.

What the heck do I take for relief? I’m trying alkaline water and an elimination diet as of today. The urgency is my worst symptom.

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  • VampiricDomain


    I to suffer from IC. For relief they can give you a dye pill that numbs your bladder. It's called Pyridium. Generic is Phenazopyridine. It's normally 200 mg and is a tablet. It works for the most part. I use it daily and with IC surgery is sometimes recommended to break the nerves so stop spasms and pain. The condition cannot be cured. Surgery will normally be needed.

  • WinstonsMom


    A quality CBD oil was an absolute game changer for me. It takes it down about 30-50% in about 20 mins for me. But that was just starting out. Once I took it 2-3 x a day for a month my flare ups have been RARE. and I don't have to take the CBD only if I feel one coming on and it gets rid of it before it starts. I also cleaned up my diet and worked on stress.

    • Fayra


      what CBD was helpful for you?

  • K.E


    Cut out spicy foods from your diet completely. AZO worked well for me during flares but if I didn’t have any I’d use a heating pad over the bladder and drink lots of water. I’ve tried marshmallow root, d-mannose, CBD, probiotics, everything under the sun. Now I have trospium which may work for you. Ive found that my diet is a huge part of my bladder pain

  • Korilynn


    I take aloe very capsules that help and I take cystex every day both help. Also I have been on elmeron for a few years

  • Rosepool


    I’m same as you, did anything help the urgency and frequency ??

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