I’m pretty sure I have discovered some of the underlying issues of hypothyroidism. I spoke with an epigenetic coach over the weekend, I told her my story which was a long five-year battle five-year battle of insomnia. She asked me what my D3 was and what my four iron labs were. I said I didn’t know I would get out my labs and look at them. They were from a year ago and I’m about ready to get them re-taken. She said pay special attention to ferritin and D3. I looked at my past labs and sure enough they were both low! And my doctor that I had at the time who tested this didn’t say they were low but there was no emphasis on it, etc. I just can’t believe I’ve got a whole year ago and done anything about it. But my sleep is not the greatest at times and so I forget things. With that said she told me about the iron protocol group on Facebook as well as the D3 protocol group on fB. These would be very helpful to actually get my numbers up and keep them up because you cannot just take iron there are cofactors etc. same with D3. So in reading the iron protocol one of the first things on there is to make sure that your gut health is good. Because you’re not gonna absorb iron unless it is. So I don’t have a good gut health because I don’t have enough hydrochloric acid to actually digest my food I’ve struggled with this for years, knowing that it was part of hypothyroidism. (Yes there’s a baking soda test you can do just Google it -for low hydrochloric acid home test w baking soda). Symptoms of low stomach acid: are that you bloat and stay full for hours. I even went off of Gluten free grains for the most part and I feel so much better and don’t bloat as much. (using potato sweet potato and squash is for my starch). Anyhow I thought I would share this eye-opening revelation, in hopes to help others. She also said that my T3 was not high enough that i’m not taking enough medicine for my thyroid and I’ve been leave her because I have not felt optimal at all, taking 5 mcg two times a day. So I’m upping my dose to about 20 mcg A day to see how I feel. See if it keeps my temperature up because I was always still so cold. She also said that you’ve got to keep your systems happy, your thyroid and your adrenal that is the first step, then you work on your gut health. Then you can do the iron protocol, d3 protocol. Which brings me to my next thing that I wanted to share with you. There is A webinar that starts today on how to heal your gut. I watch a lot of these things and have seen lots of them. I take notes etc. today is day one. So do a Google search for how to heal your gut, Food matters institute. It’s free. ♥️🌹happy healing!!


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    Thank you for sharing this helpful information.

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    That’s amazing info!!!! Thank you for sharing 🤗

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