Hello everyone my name is sullen and I’m new here. I have a lot of different things that have added to my problems of scoliosis & fibromyalgia. I’m hoping to get to know some or all of you. Have a great day. Hope to chat with you soon.

Curvature of spine

Fibromyalgia (FM)


Generalized pain

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  • Gidgetmom


    Hi and Welcome ✋ I have both, too. My scoliosis is mild and one of my lesser problems but when it rears its ugly head I can't function. My name is Vanessa. There's alot of great wisdom here❤️.

  • Invisible


    Hello I too suffer with Fibromyalgia and scoliosis. I think you will find this group helpful. I hope to chat soon. ☺️

  • Witchygirl


    I have fibromyalgia, major nack pain, migraines, and several mental disorders. Hello all

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