has anyone had taken Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety? i’ve been on Lexapro for 6 months and feel like it helped a bit with my anxiety but i still feel unmotivated/generally sad… my psychiatrist recommended i add Wellbutrin to the mix to help with motivation/energy. what are yalls experiences with Wellbutrin?? thank you sm! 💓🙏🏼




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  • zenflower


    i’m currently taking Wellbutrin xl and i think in the beginning it helped me a lot and gave some sense of relief but currently idk if it’s still doing anything for me. i also take zoloft!

  • Sinthera


    Wellbutrin helps my energy but we had to substantially up my anxiety meds too. It also makes you just not hungry. You'll forget to eat, so watch out for that!

  • Meggers


    My PCP started me on Wellbutrin while I was waiting on my psych referral. I’ve been taking it for about a year now. I second what the other two commenters have said - it increased my energy, but did at times make me more irritable and prone to anxiety. And I’ve lost 20 lbs while on it (a negative for me). I tried switching to Lexapro at one point, and noticed a difference in the anxiety. But I ultimately couldn’t tolerate the Lexapro. It made me feel like a zombie.

  • SJL168


    My experience with medication is to try everything once, because you'll never know what could and couldn't work!!

  • Autie


    Wellbutrin is amazing! It definitely helps with energy and motivation

  • Panda_Rose


    Wellbutrin helps me experience a state of joy as my normal. 🤗 I have a lot of mental health supportive practices, but as far as chemicals go, it’s helped me immensely. ❤️

  • Animalnerd


    I’m currently taking Wellbutrin and Trileptal, and the combination of those two has been very helpful for me personally.

  • Gayspinach


    I find that Wellbutrin doesn’t make me numb to my emotions like other antidepressants 👍🏼👍🏼

  • FutureNurse


    I take Wellbutrin as well as Venlafaxine right now. I’ve tried so many different medications and still just feel numb to everything, so I don’t really have any good advice here..

  • Dante6197


    wellbutrin is good at a lower dose if you are looking for extra energy. it can also help with adhd which is why i’m taking it. im taking prozac and wellbutrin and they mix fine but i haven’t tried with lexapro

  • vammyglot


    I take both Lexapro (40 mg) and Wellbutrin (200 mg) because I had the same problem of feeling that Lexapro only wasn’t working. I actually took Lamictal before switching to Wellbutrin, and had tremors and hair loss as side effects. Really recommend Wellbutrin!

  • marisa


    Wellbutrin is a life saver for me!! I take the non-extended version twice a day. It made my depression sooooo much better, but I will say, it flared up my anxiety/OCD quite a bit. But I still take it because it’s miraculous when it comes to depression

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